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Build strong Web Applications using Zend framework

Zend is a web framework of PHP. Zend is reliable, scalable web framework which is built by using best coding practices. Zend framework is built on model-view-controller (MVC) architecture. The MVC controller helps Zend Framework developers to write structure and consistent code while developing an application on Zend.

All components of Zend framework are fully object oriented PHP 5 compliant. Extensible use of MVC architecture supports PHP based layouts and templates. Web applications can be built rapidly because it has a rich in-built library.

SummationIT has an expert team of Zend framework developers, they have experience of building complex application for clients across the Globe.

    Zend PHP Development Services

    Zend PHP is more scalable with less dependencies with the components. It allows the developers to use whichever components they need. The Zend Framework uses the PHP Unit testing framework for unit testing of web applications and Travis CI as an automated build integration service for the web sites developed in Zend.

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    Features of Zend PHP Framework Development:-

    Zend framework has a lot more compelling in-built features like authentication, access control of resources, Test driven development, extensive validation components that can be used with Zend_Form, Client libraries to access popular web services etc. that minimizes the development effort. Being a zend php development service provider, we understand the importance of zend php development and the skills required for a zend php Developer.

  • HMVC Feature (Hierarchical Model-View-Controller) Architecture.
  • Rapid Pace of Development.
  • Beautiful Templating.
  • Migrations.
  • Simple to Install.
  • Proven Foundation built on Zend.
  • Future Ready Framework.
  • Application Logic.
  • Suitable for all project scales.
  • Better code foundation.

    Zend PHP Framework Development with SummationIT

    Being a Zend php development service provider, we understand the importance of php development and the skills required for a php Developer. To develop a web application you need a reliable, responsive, active and more over experienced partner. Hence, SummationIT provides expert php development services. php Development to SummationIT and stay relaxed. Below are the few mentioned benefits you will get when you work with the expert partner SummationIT.

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  • Expertise of 10+ years in Web Development.
  • Dedicated Team for PHP Development.
  • Flexible Customer Engagement Models.
  • Competitive Pricing.
  • Flexible Team communication.
  • Adherence to strict Coding Guidelines and Standards.
  • Transparency, Ethics and Reliability.
  • Complete Documentation.
  • Different Business models.
  • Multiple payment options.

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